about us


Founded in 1897, BCI is a highly respected and valued credit information resource and service provider to companies throughout North America.

BCI holds educational events in the New England area, providing “local connections” and networking opportunities for those who can attend in person and online web access for remote participation.

We provide companies the business credit intelligence needed to support the extension of quality trade credit that maximizes company profitability through increased sales, improved cashflow, and decreased bad debts within an ethical, legal and professional framework.

Vision globeWe strive to be the most comprehensive provider of business credit intelligence for managing credit, accounts receivable, risk management and bad debt recovery through: trade credit exchange, professional development and networking opportunities, access to state-of-the-art credit and collections tools and resources.

solutionsWe facilitate trade credit exchange between competitors, sponsor industry credit and special interest groups, provide access to commercial and consumer credit reports, perform credit reference checking services, and offer aggressive-yet appropriate collection efforts and recovery services. We do not represent any single vendor or service, but rather seek a variety of products to best suit our members’ needs, while providing our clients feedback on how to implement or utilize available products and/or tools to minimize bad credit and appropriately manage credit risk.  Learn more about us and our services.