FAQ’s: Products & Services


Q: Who Is Business Credit Intelligence?

A: Founded in 1897, NACM-New England Inc. d/b/a Business Credit Intelligence, is a highly respected and valued credit information resource and service provider to over 800 companies throughout North America.

BCI provides companies the business credit intelligence needed to support the extension of quality trade credit that maximizes company profitability through increased sales, improved cashflow, and decreased bad debts within an ethical, legal and professional framework.

risk profit loss diceCompanies rely on us to facilitate trade credit exchange between competitors, sponsor industry credit and special interest groups, provide access to commercial and consumer credit reports, perform credit reference checking services, and offer aggressive yet appropriate collection efforts and recovery services. We assist our clients in selecting “right-sized” tools and solutions to minimize bad credit and appropriately manage credit risk.  Apply to Join!

Q: What is an Industry Trade Credit Exchange Group?

A: BCI sponsors both National and Regional Industry Trade Credit Exchange Groups (Groups) to facilitate the exchange of credit information between companies that share a common customer base, usually within the same industry. These Groups provide credit professionals selling to common customers the opportunity to learn how and who their customers are paying. BCI monitors all information shared through our systems or at group meetings to insure compliance with federal anti-trust laws.  Apply to Join an Industry Trade Credit Exchange Group.

Q: What is a “special interest” group?

A: Companies large and small share common issues and challenges in their day-to-day business dealings. BCI brings together company representatives along industry, business need or geographical lines to discuss, problem-solve and learn new approaches that can save time, money and resources. Our largest special interest group is focused on Global Trade issues. From “order-to-cash” to understanding country risk, there are many steps in successfully completing complex global transactions. Banking, insurance, freight forwarders, government agencies join our discussions to share their expertise with participants.  Apply to Join a Special Interest, Best Practices and/or Regional Networking Group.

Q: Credit Reporting Services: What Do You Offer?

approvedA: Companies rely on timely, accurate credit information to assess credit worthiness of customers. It is important that educated decisions are made to avoid unnecessary financial risk. BCI works with companies to provide customized solutions to best evaluate their customer segments. We offer both commercial and consumer reporting products from leading credit bureaus including BCI’s Trade Credit Report, Ansonia’s Construction Report, Experian, Equifax, D&B, TransUnion, AdvantagePro and more. With aggregated buying power, we can pass along savings to companies.  Order a Report!

BCI also offers the Fast Track Application processing service to supplement a company’s internal credit department. We can perform credit reference checking and application processing services to free up your staff to focus on evaluating and monitoring your customers.

Q: Do you offer Collections Services?

A: BCI partners with Associated Collectors,Inc. (ACI), a fully licensed and bonded commercial collection agency with international scope, to provide assistance for delinquent and past due accounts. Gain access to this world-wide collections and attorney network to collect on debt owed to your company.  Learn more.

11210970_sQ: Ongoing credit education is critical to me and my staff. Do you provide flexible, yet cost-effective ways for credit professionals to keep current on credit related issues?

A: BCI offers both traditional “face-to-face” and web-based seminars and courses so you can choose the best method of learning that fits your schedule and budget. In addition, we offer curriculum needed to obtain your professional credit designation, differentiating you and your staff in the credit community. The PULSE, our online networking and knowledge center, is a “must have” resource for credit professionals.  Learn more.

Q: Looking for a “win, win situation”?

A: In addition to obtaining information and managing customer credit risk, BCI is truly the best source for credit professionals to network, exchange views on credit related topics, share best practices and sharpen their credit and collections expertise.