Business Credit Solutions

what we doCredit professionals are faced with important strategic decisions every day. The methods used to assess and manage credit risk have a critical effect on a company’s bottom line. Information on how customers pay their vendors can be an effective management tool for making better-informed decisions.

balance profits complianceGood credit decisions are based on timely, accurate credit information that is not always readily available from standard credit reporting sources. Credit professionals are often faced with balancing the need for current and complete customer information with the high costs of tradeline reporting products and services.

BCI can provide the information you need to make better decisions!
Companies use BCI so they can:

  • Focus on making sound credit decisions, not pulling together customer payment histories
  • Set appropriate credit lines and terms for customers with confidence
  • Receive timely ongoing tradeline information on their client base
  • Be notified via email of bankruptcies within 24 hours of being reported
  • Develop relationships with credit professionals within particular or across industries

Customized Services

Our full suite of products and services can be tailored to your company’s needs, whether purchased separately or as part of a service package. From credit reports, credit reference checking services to UCC filings and credit group meetings, BCI will customize a package that is right for your company because we know that:

  • Companies need customer information at their finger tips
  • “One solution doesn’t fit all”
  • Each company’s business needs are different