Fast Track App Credit Application Processing Service

“Thank you for your wonderful Fast Track App Credit Reference Checking service. Having your team query the bank and trade references received from perspective customers on their Credit Applications, and combining those responses with the BCI trade data, into one consolidated credit profile provides a very cost effective way for us to process a large volume of Credit Applications. Having solid, timely, and relevant credit  information is mission-critical.  The time saved not having to send faxes two and three times and call for references has enabled us to focus on maintaining strong receivables and a solid DSO. I would also like to thank you for your professional and courteous staff that  always goes the extra mile; providing preliminary reports and consistently meeting  turnaround commitments.“ ~Bob Tetrault, A H Harris & Sons, Inc., Credit Manager Northern New England

Information Shared at Credit Group Meeting Helped My Company 

At a prior meeting, our facilitator told us about a new type of fraudulent credit card activity.  Yesterday, a person calls in a lumber order for a large dollar amount wanting to pay over the phone with a credit card.  This immediately raised a red flag.  We called the bank for verification and found out the credit card he gave us was stolen.  Today he called and tried to cancel the order and wanted us to process the credit to a different card.  He insisted we process it while he was on the phone.  We called the bank they told us it was a debit card.  We have turned it over to the authorities.  Thank you!   Your warning about this type of fraudulent activity saved my company a real headache. Goes to show you attending the meetings is a great source of information. ~ BM, Chace Building Supply